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Post Event Report Workshops of ES & OP, Demand Planning and Inventory

Six days of Workshops on ES & OP, Demand Planning and Inventory were held successfully in September 18th-19th /21st-22nd/25th-26th by Dr. Mark Chockalingam
Trainer’s Profile
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Dr. Mark Chockalingam
President of the Boston Chapter of APICS
Dr. Mark Chockalingam is the President and Founder of Demand Planning LLC, a Business Process and Strategy Consultancy helping clients across industries: Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Products, Chemicals and Fashion Apparel. His specialty consulting areas include Sales Forecasting, Supply Chain Analytics, and Sales And Operations Planning.
Partial Attendees as followed...

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 ES & OP 


▷ Demand Planning ◁


▷ Inventory ◁

Taking in the atmosphere


What did the participants learn in the workshops?
Ø The key components of an effective Sales and Operations Planning process
Ø  How to implement a quick-hit S&OP process using our five-step approach
Ø  How to achieve a consensus demand forecast for use in supply chain planning
Ø  How to identify and present supply constraints
Ø How to create and use sales, production and inventory plan templates to balance supply and demand
Ø  How to create and use a supply chain score-card
Ø  How to apply the principles of exception in S&OP
Demand Planning:
Ø  Setting up a Demand Planning process for your business
Ø  Using statistical modeling to create baseline forecasts
Ø Incorporate promotional events into forecast modeling
Ø  Using forecast error as a diagnostic to improve model quality

Ø  Inventory management Strategy
Ø  Economic order quantity and purchase quantity discounts
Ø  Inventory optimization and management
Ø  Safety stock-independent demand item-reordering
Ø  Product segmentation and ABC analysis
Ø  Inventory optimization and management-Max-Min models
Ø  Measurement and KPIs forecast error, customer service and inventories
Ø  Work-site inventory management techniques
Ø  Exercise solutions discussion
Schematic diagram of the participation scale:

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