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Advanced Inventory Management & Optimization May23-24, 2016

Senior management is often confronted with too much inventory but does not have means or proper understanding where to look within their extended supply chain. The costs associated with too much or not enough inventory have risen significantly in recent years, as the Customer Demands and their options in sourcing from alternative suppliers have increased rapidly as well. How do you manage all these dynamic business conditions when shrinking margins are common? Balancing Supply and Capacity Planning with Customer Demands, together with Volume and Product Mix requires effective Supply Chain Planning that ties closely in the overall Business Strategy, Integrated Business Management processes and well executed Demand Planning. This workshop provides a guide to best practices in inventory management and optimization that closely follow Best Practices in Sales and Operations Planning and Demand Management and Forecasting covered in Workshop 1 and Workshop 2 of Advanced Executive Education Series. Program content: Intensifying demand volatility and accelerating demand perishability, are the new norms of business reality, and will continue to pose extreme pressure on inventory performances.

What our client say:
     It’s effective to give some information in 2 days.
     The most value was forecast measurement metric & reports method. -----Campbell Swire(Xiamen) Co,. Ltd
     More examples make course better.------Rittal Shanghai
     Evaluate the forecast model and the forms to correct them.-----Grundfos Pumps(Suzhou) Ltd 
     The most value was demand planning and process types.-----Coloplast (China) LTD
     Make clearly about the meaning of S&OP.-----supply chain
     Show sample case more in S&OP process.
     Sharing good example and best practice about S&OP meeting coordination and template.-----Mead
     Take more examples, explain more deeply.-----Ascend
     To understand the whole S&OP process and principle.-----Mubea


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