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Integrated Business Management / Executive Sales & Operations Planning May16-17,

The seminar is aimed at executives who need to understand the Sales & Operations Planning methodology and how it relates to
Integrated Business Management and Lean Thinking approaches. By gaining solid understanding of individual S&OP maturity levels, the senior management can apply these principles to manage their business more effectively and to plan for continuous process improvement. S&OP/ES&OP/Integrated Business Management are the integrated business planning processes that provide a practical and highly effective way to strategically link sales to operations and finance. To achieve a competitive advantage, customer focused demand plans must be integrated with the management of the supply side of the business. The S&OP process outlined in this seminar provides the knowledge to ensure sales, operations, and inventories are aligned and plans are measured to enable continuous improvement.

What our client say:
     It’s effective to give some information in 2 days.
     The most value was forecast measurement metric & reports method. -----Campbell Swire(Xiamen) Co,. Ltd
     More examples make course better.------Rittal Shanghai
     Evaluate the forecast model and the forms to correct them.-----Grundfos Pumps(Suzhou) Ltd 
     The most value was demand planning and process types.-----Coloplast (China) LTD
     Make clearly about the meaning of S&OP.-----supply chain
     Show sample case more in S&OP process.
     Sharing good example and best practice about S&OP meeting coordination and template.-----Mead
     Take more examples, explain more deeply.-----Ascend
     To understand the whole S&OP process and principle.-----Mubea


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