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Global Supply Chain and Operations Management Conference 2016 May24-25, 2016

Every day we see significant changes happening in supply chain. An increase in visibility, development of new technologies, evolving sustainability practices, and significant growth have impacted the way we do business. There is evidence that a tectonic shift in global production and distribution processes is currently in progress. This trend is nearshoring – where many North American and European-based manufacturing companies are relocating production from historically low-cost but geographically distant locations such as China, to locations closer to the point of consumption. Besides, the growth of e-commerce and the demand for next-day delivery are changing the status quo in e-fulfillment from large, rural distribution centers to a greater number of smaller DCs proximate to population centers. This is another structural shift in supply chains that requires network redesign, scenario analysis, and updated fulfillment planning models. With four tracks focusing on the end-to-end supply chain, global supply chain and operations management conference 2016 provides you the tools and knowledge to stay ahead of the game as a best-in-class operation. This conference brings together over 200 industry practitioners for two-days of discussion, learning and networking. This event offers your organization insights into how global companies known for supply chain innovation are achieving corporate competitiveness. Join us in Shanghai to add to your comprehensive skillset and inspire positive change in your organization.

What our client say:
The most value was forecast measurement metric & reports method. -----Campbell Swire(Xiamen) Co,. Ltd
More examples make course better.------Rittal Shanghai
Evaluate the forecast model and the forms to correct them.-----Grundfos Pumps(Suzhou) Ltd 
The most value was demand planning and process types.-----Coloplast (China) LTD
Make clearly about the meaning of S&OP.-----supply chain
Sharing good example and best practice about S&OP meeting coordination and template.-----Mead
Take more examples, explain more deeply.-----Ascend
To understand the whole S&OP process and principle.-----Mubea


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