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Course Topic: Best Practice in Safety Leadership

Course Topic: Best Practice in Safety Leadership
Timing: 13, December, 2017

Course Outline for Safety Leadership:
Section 1: The importance of Leadership in Safety
● How people's focusplays a part in safety incidents
● Safety leadership as a recurring theme when things go wrong
● The leader role in exerting influence
Section 2: Understanding Your People
● Normal human tendency Sub-optimal safety -a lack of care or something to be expected?
● Explaining human variability -the importance of the context
Section 3: Leader assumptions and how they influence behaviour
● the safety challenge
● Revealing and challenging existing assumptions
● Theory X versus Theory Y
Section 4: Leadership Style
● Different people, different styles Behavioural preferences -you and your comfort zone
● Contingency Theory -flexing your approach Telling vs Coaching
Section 5: The Critical Safety Leadership Behaviours
● Doing the simple things well
● A recipe for effective safety leadership
● Assessment and development
Section 6: Leadership Commitment
● Strong words, hollow promises?
● Being seen to act
● We all get distracted
● Time For Safety
● Making it all happen
  Benefits of Attending
Safety Leadership
Evaluating your current corporate Safety Leadership philosophy & Designing an effective corporate safety leadership philosophy
Identifying the critical safety leadership behaviours that will serve to improve your effectiveness
Obtaining practical skills in managing safety based on the effect of traditional methods
Appreciating the how "moments of truth" are instrumental in reinforcing how people regard safety and what this means for achieving strong influence
Understanding what lies behind a "zero harm" vision & the role leaders have in aligning others with this vision
Understanding the need to change your approach from Theory X to Theory Y so as to achieve world class safety

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