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Tear Down Master Class

21-22 May, 2018


Javier Masini, CVS®
Advanced Value Group, LLC
(Goodyear, Arizona)

Benefits of Attending

* Gaining the insight into the insurance of successful product design
* Effective tear-down with competitive intelligence elements
* Building competitive products from the beginning ensuring the effectiveness is carried out in the future processes
* Fully effective utilization of complete TD process
* Taking part in one of the kind course, as no one else teaches tear-down
* Successful real corporate case studies with practical case, operated by participants on-site!
* On-site practice case: the classic switch tear-down, it's not always about the results, Mr. Masini will share techniques that is key in mastering the results.

About Competitive Tear Down
Tear-Down activity is a comparative process to completely analyze all aspects of cost of your products with those of your competitors. Attention to minute detail is a major portion of this methodology. Regardless of cost it is important to note that in almost every component we can find some advantage by studying and understanding those same parts of our competitors. In some instances, our competitors choose to perform the same or similar functions with a different design direction. These are observed and analyzed as well.

Course Overview
With the increasingly competitive marketplace, significant new detailed attention is necessary in the earliest phases of product and process development processes. In most Japanese manufacturers the Tear-down Comparative Analysis is applied as early as the pre-design phase, where materials, product configuration, and what will be product functions are analyzed. The results of the analysis should be reflected in product merchandising plans. These are unique points of our approach that cannot be found in the western world use of Tear-down. Based on the data collected through the comparative analysis, Tear-down Targets for each Function, Cost and Product weight, respectively, are established. This specific goal data is to be importantly used in the company's overall Target Costing Activity.

The main goals of this technique are:
•Insure products are launched at acceptable profit levels
•Understand and overcome the competitive threats in the marketplace
•Improve all areas of cost; direct and indirect labor; material; variable and fixed overhead.
Mr. Masini is a personal friend of the fore-father of tear-down process Yoshihiko Sato who was the leading figure in product tear-downs, integrated with Mr. Sato’s tear-down model, he will present you a workshop on the techniques of effective methods in creating successful products.

Javier Masini is a Certified Value Specialist (CVS). He has a specialized training in Company-Wide Quality and Productivity Management by Central Japan Industries Association (Chubu Sangyo Renmei is a Lean Manufacturing Consultancy firm specialized in implementing and training Lean Manufacturing and Total Quality Management for Tier 1 and 2 suppliers for automotive firms) in Nagoya, Japan. He also has second specialized training in Industrial Engineering and Quality Control by Kitakyushu International Techno-Cooperative Agency in Kitakyushu, Japan. He is also a professional Value Engineering trainer. He has a Lead Auditor training for ISO9001 granted by Det Norske Veritas and the International Register of Certified Auditors.
Javier’s experience with Value Engineering and Tear Down Analysis started in 1999 when he was in Japan. Since then, he has been perfecting his skills through training and in-company workshops. He has successfully led workshops in Austria, China, India, Mexico, Italy, Switzerland, Colombia, Qatar and the United States. Since the year 2000, he has trained thousands of professional engineers in Lean Six Sigma systems as well as Value Engineering.
Javier has led teams in all types of value projects, including product design, process improvement, construction, highways, procedure and system improvement processes.
Besides being a professor in the Engineering Masters at Universidad Panamericana for almost two decades, he was the founder President of the Instituto de Ingenieros Industriales de Occidente (Chapter 252 of the Institute of Industrial Engineers); He has represented the Advanced Value Group firm in Latin America since 2011, and is now the firm’s President. He’s presented several lectures in conferences in the fields of Industrial Engineering, Value Engineering for Manufacturing and Construction, Lean Manufacturing, Statistical Process Control as well as Collaboration Skills for Engineers in México, Japan, the US, Central and South America.
Because of Mr. Masini’s leadership promoting quality and productivity improvement, as well as his role as a trainer, professor and speaker in several Conferences for almost 20 years, in May 2016, Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers IIISE, Region 13, awarded Javier Masini with the “Outstanding Industrial Engineer Professional Award”.
Mr. Masini is a Member of SAVE International, the Value Engineering Global Society.
He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Lawrence D. Miles Value Foundation; this service started in 2011.

Who Should Attend:
• R&D Director/Manager
• Product Designing Director/Manager
• Product Manager
• Engineering Director
• Production Director
This workshop is designed for all senior level managers who are in the frontline product designing and development.

Day1, 21 May, 2018
Welcome and Participant Introductions; Review Agenda Setting expectations & goals
Introduction to tear-down.
This workshop will be team-based throughout the 2 days program, the teams will perform case studies as a group with designated functions for each individual team member in completing the case studies.
     * Concept of Change
     * Initiating the change of R&D practice in the new age
     * Integrating of VE & tear-down process today
     * Concept of Value
Dynamic Tear-down Presentation and Workshop.
Comparative analysis to the product assembly process. The comparison elements focused on the cost and time need to assemble and disassemble of the product
Dynamic Tear-down Exercise Compare each design for ease of assembly
Introduction to Project
DFA Workshop

Day2, 22 May, 2018
Likes / Dislikes Matrix
Cost Tear-down Presentation and Workshop
Comparison of product components against the competitors’ product components.
Deeper analysis of the slightest differences in the components.
Cost analysis of the differences in the components.
Cost Tear-down Exercise - Summarize Data
Creativity for design improvement
Expanding the existing process into customized formats. Including product marketability and other industry influential factors
Evaluate ideas
Material, Matrix, Process and Static TD Lectures
Static Tear-down Presentation
The original element of tear-down learned by Mr. Sato from General Motors.
Develop an on-going product design investigation and cost reduction
Case Studies
Wrap-up and Adjourn
Case Studies will include:
ISUZU - this case where Yoshihiko Sato the fore-father of tear-down method started. This case study shows in real practice how Value Engineering and Tear-Down can be integrated to achieve the highest value a product can provide in terms of marketability and target cost system.


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