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LinkedIn on LinkedIn - Our Content Marketing Best Practice<br />领英之内容营销最佳实践

  It’s essential to target and interact with the B2B purchasing decision makers before you finally touch them. The Account-Based Marketing(ABM)is a strategic initiative, which is targeted and efficient. By breaking the walls between sales and marketing ,the ABM provides a specific marketing process under a unified goal, helping identify, reach and then influence the target customers, thus realizing your business objects. LinkedIn Account Targeting and LinkedIn Marketing Solutions(LMS) have been important parts and tools of ABM,
which are all based on the dynamic big date pool of Linkedln.
在您最终接触 B2B 采购决策者之前,与他们进行目标定位和交互非常重要。会计营销是一项具有针对性和高效性的战略举措。通过打破销售和营销之间的壁垒,ABM 在统一的目标下提供了特定的营销流程,帮助识别、达到并影响目标客户,从而实现您的业务对象。LinkedIn 账户定位和 LinkedIn 营销解决方案(LMS)是 ABM 的重要组成部分和
工具,它们都是基于 Linkedln 动态的大数据池。

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