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B2B E-Commerce Marketing Way<br />B2B电商营销之道

l Top Strategies of B2B Enterprise E-Commerce
l B2B企业电商的顶层策略
• Who should the company press the button of e-commerce?
• Whose cheese did the e-commerce start?
• Is E-commerce of B2B enterprises for brand effect or transaction?
• How should flagship stores, franchised stores, franchised stores and different types of stores be laid out?
l Business Strategy of B2B Enterprise E-Commerce
l B2B企业电商的运营策略
• Products: The choice of e-commerce products? Is it necessary to supply e-commerce exclusively? What is the meaning of the explosion?
• Drainage: On-line, off-line, in-station and off-station - how should channels be integrated? Is the flow dividend of industrial e-commerce still there? Social Opportunities and Challenges for Industrial E-Commerce?
• Conversion: Determine your main battlefield with your competitors - Customer Journey for Industrial Products Customers? How to avoid price war in e-commerce? How to increase conversion through technical customer service?
转换:决定你和竞争对手的主要战场——工业品客户的购买旅程(Customer Journey)?如何避免电商内的价格战?如何通过技术客服增加转换?
l KPI and Daily Management of E-commerce in B2B Enterprises
l B2B企业电商的KPI与日常管理
l E-Commerce Campaign Example Sharing
l 电商实例分享

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