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Brand Digital Trend & Strategy for 2019 <br />2019年品牌数字化趋势与战略

If you think 2018 was an explosive year for digital strategy and marketing, brace yourself for 2019. As impulsive and as volatile your work can be, 2019 will be even more challenging and test your ability to avoid erratic decisions, identify what's critical for your business and what you can ignore. As key technologies mature and as user behavior follows, these are the trends you should keep in mind for 2019 and beyond
● Block Chain
● 区块链
● 3D, VR And IoT Carry Momentum
● 3D、虚拟现实和物联网承载动力
● UX Becomes CX
● UX变为CX
● Content Strategy Evolves
● 内容策略演变

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