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CurrentSituation and DevelopmentTrends of Digital Marketing
17:20-18:00 Session 10: Panel Discussion
CurrentSituation and DevelopmentTrends of Digital Marketing

● Current status

● Key challenges for digital evolution
● Case studies of digital fortraditional brand
Chong Wu, Communications Directorfor Asia Pacific, Performance
Materials and Technologies, Honeywell
Douglas Xu, SeniorIT Manager- BP& Digital Market, Eli Lilly China
FayZhao, Head of Developing Market, ReckittBenckiser
JenniferLian, Directorof E-Commerce at NewBusiness Division,
DaphneInvestment Group

Winning the hearts & mindsof Chinese mobile consumers
16:35-17:20 Session 9:
Winning the hearts & mindsof Chinese mobile consumers

The keyto connecting with consumers in the Chinese market isunderstandingthat where theyare and what they’re looking toaccomplish influences their intent, mindset, and behavior.Thepresentation shows that location, previously thought of as atargetingtactic by mostmarketers, is provingto be a powerfulstandalonestrategic category.Location marketing, in particular, iscriticalin connecting a brand’s marketingactivities to offlinebehaviorswhere nearly 90% of transactions takeplace.

HediWen, Director ofMarketing, China, xAd, Inc
B2B cooperates'transformation to digital- Strategy and Trend
16:05-16:35 Session 8:
B2B cooperates'transformation to digital- Strategy and Trend

Tointroducethe market overview of large company, especiallyindustrial B2B companies’ transformationto digitaltrend andstrategy withcase study of the pioneer segments and brands otherthan the semi-conductor industry.The discussion will be related tomost edge-cutting field of ecommerce including B2B, O2Oandindustry 4.0 fromthe fortunetop 500 companies.

HansonWang,Headof Ecommerce,ABB (China) Limited
Revenue Marketing: Customer Engagement Automation
15:20-16:05 Session 7:
Revenue Marketing: Customer Engagement Automation

Have you noticed that thecustomer buying cycle has changed?60% of the buying cycleis done before sales contact.Thus, weneed to shift our traditionalgo-to-marketstrategy tomorepre-sales activities from engagingcustomers early and so on.Eventually, a completecustomer engagement automationcampaign process is necessary to keep touching customersthroughout theentire buying cycle.

Alex Yen, MarketingOperations Manager, GE Healthcare
Consumer Insights-Reaching Consumers' Heart
14:15-15:00 Session 6:
Consumer Insights-Reaching Consumers' Heart

Consumerinsight is the first step of precision marketing. Consumerinsights helps identify consumerbehaviorand target market,segmenttarget market and provide personalized marketing plan.Consumerinsight helps you reach consumers’ heart; based onconsumerinsight, data can be used inthe whole marketingprocess, likeevent planning, store operating, promotingand visualdesigning.

Fay Zhao, HeadofDevelopingMarket, Reckitt Benckiser
Using Emotional Connections to Turn Contentinto Customers
13:30-14:15 Session 5:
Using Emotional Connections to Turn Contentinto Customers

As much as technology and digitaltools are overtaking themarketingspace, the key to success is still storytelling.With thecurrentfocus on data, we might forget that only attractive,relevantand consistent contentcan build a true connection withthe audience. Platforms (likeWeChat &Tmall) and tools (likeCRM &programmatic buying) are enablers but should neverdriveyourmarketing strategy.Through case studies and industryexamples Siebe willshow how content and storytelling can builda lasting emotionalrelationship with youraudience.

EllenShen,Technical MarketingManager,Tektronix (China)Co.,Ltd.
Connect Brandwith Global Professionals
11:35-12:20 Session 4:
Connect Brandwith Global Professionals

In 2016, it is a time forus to rebuild the socialmedia marketing.During thepast, marketers focusedmore on growingtheir fan baseand set up social marketingKPImerely based on the number offollowers. But right now,the social marketers attach moreimportanceon engagingand influence theirtarget audiences withattractive, sociable and brand-relevant content.Also in 2016,LinkedIn has brought its MarketingSolution into the China market,with a purpose to connectcorporate brand with theirtargetedglobal professionals by introducing a new way of socialmediamarketingand results measuring.

Brenda Chen, Director of B2BMarketing & MarketingOperations,LinkedIn China
Integrated Marketing-Everything is Media
10:50-11:35 Session 3:
Integrated Marketing-Everything is Media

Media, innovation and products are everywhere and presented invarious ways. The conceptof “everythingis media” is becomereality,in the digital era, media, innovation, products and events arenot just presented indifferent ways, but also presented in moreintegratedways. For example, a video program will trigger a heatedsocialdiscussion, we-media interpretation, offlineevent experiencewillfacilitate secondary spread etc. In the aspect of brand,advertiser hopethe content can be moreintegrated.From thecustomers’ point of view,they also hope to meet diverse needs,likegain information, convenience, cheap etc.All of these requireimprovements in marketingplan integration.

Jennifer Lian,Director of E-Commerce at New BusinessDivision,Daphne Investment Group
AstraZeneca 3D Innovation Strategy
09:45-10:30 Session 2:
AstraZeneca 3D Innovation Strategy

The core of AstraZeneca innovation strategy is realizing the trueintegration of clinics; transformingfromproduct orientation towholecourse management orientation; Constructinga diseasemanagement ecosysteminvertical field of disease by cooperatingwith diagnostic company,equipment companies and Internetcompanies; respondingto the health carereformpolicy ofgovernment, leading the developmentof medical innovation, andgettinga win-winpartnership.

TinaXu, Vice President of InformationTechnology, AstraZenecaChina
How close is the Algorithm economy to us? And how far is it?
09:00-09:45 Session 1:
How close is the Algorithm economy to us? And how far is it?

Atthe moment, the business model of using intelligent algorithmto optimize theeconomic behaviorkeeps occurring aroundus.The so-called algorithmeconomy is a process using enterprise’sstatistical analysis of its intangible assets— “data”, combiningwith a variety of mathematical algorithm, to optimize alltheregulative, repetitiveoperation in economic behavior of the pre-and mediumand after purchasing, so that enterprise efficiencyand sales conversion canbe improved.This is the transformation of traditionalbusiness, but also thecombination of scientific algorithms and marketing applications.The usage of algorithmeconomy runs through thewhole lifecycleof users, but different professions focus on different part ofsmartmarketing.

Dr.Xugang Wang, Chief Scientist, Social-Touch
Panel Discussion
17:00-17:35 Session 10:
Panel Discussion

● Social Marketingin the Age of Mobile Internet

● How to Enlarge Brand Influence and Popularity by Increasingthe Sharing of Content
● Mobile+ Integration: New Trendof Programmatic Buying inChina
● Tips forB2B Marketing Strategy inDigital Age
Tina Xu, Vice President of Information Technology, AstraZenecaChina
Royce Hua, Sr.Manager, Communication Department, GEJean Cheng, Digital MarketingManager,Leading AutomotiveCompany
Helen Shi, Asia PacificBusiness and Digital CommunicationsDirector,The Dow ChemicalCompany
Jacquelyn Wu, MarketingDirector, LivingOctave

Achieving Brand Marketing Closed Loop
16:30-17:00 Session 9:
Achieving Brand Marketing Closed Loop

Recent internetdevelopments transform online froma singlemarketingchannel to the glueof all marketingactivities. Throughextending the advantages of data and technology and bycombiningonline media likePC, mobile, social networkingandvideowith offline print ads, LED, outdoor,TV etc. brands canbuild a more comprehensive integrated marketing approachandcompletemarketingecosystem.

Siebe Gerbranda, Agency Director,TheGeorge

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