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How to Create Seamless Customer Experience Based on Consumer's Digital Interaction Willingness<br />基于消费者数字化交互意愿如何打造线上下无缝式差异化的客户体验
14:50 PM
How to Create Seamless Customer Experience Based on Consumer's Digital Interaction Willingness


May CheVice President Marketing, Volvo Group
车艳华营销副总, 沃尔沃
Entertainment Marketing & Social Communication Best Practice<br />娱乐营销&社交传播之道
15:55 PM
Entertainment Marketing & Social Communication Best Practice


Qian LiMarketing Director, YISHION Group
Return to Consumer Brand Growth<br />回归消费者的品牌增长
16:40 PM
Return to Consumer Brand Growth

Faced with the magnificent Chinese market, no enterprise has absolute security. In the past 30 years in China, P&G, a global cosmetics
giant, has fallen into two growth troughs: in 1997, it was attacked by carved cards of national cosmetics enterprises, and in 2014, with the rise of middle class, the line of big brands is unsustainable. Two lows and two leaps. What makes P&G refresh itself repeatedly and achieve discontinuous growth?
在华30年,全球日化巨头宝洁曾先后两度陷入增长谷底:1997 年,遭遇国民日化企业雕牌狙击;2014年,中产崛起,大品牌路线难以为继。两度低潮,两度跨越。是什么让宝洁屡屡刷新自我,实现非连续性增长?当中国消费市场进入更加复杂、多元的分级时代,经典HBG理论还有效吗?
When China's consumer market enters a more complex and multi-level era, is the classical HBG theory still effective? Faced with the rising new channels and new media, how can enterprises choose between nine and one, insight into the new 24 hours can complete learning vitality?


Digital Disruption Decoded <br />解码数字化时代的颠覆
17:25 PM
Digital Disruption Decoded

What are the biggest digital shifts/disruptions that you should be thinking of?
Why should you be optimistic about that?
How can brands stay relevant and drive growth in this new age of digital marketing?

Liyan Ye, Regional Head of Digital, NEA Derma, Beiersdorf

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