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At the 9th Digital Marketing and Social Media Summit in 2019, we will invite B2B&B2C digital transformation leaders and digital marketing experts from top 500 MNC companies with forward-looking strategic insights. They will share the latest digital marketing strategies and successful practices within their companies. Welcome to join our annual wonderful summit, you will enjoy discussing with more than 500 professional digital marketers for one common goal “Driving Business Growth”. In this summit, let’s return to the essence of marketing to find out the effective digital marketing strategies that will truly bring considerable benefits to your companies.

2019年第9 届数字营销与社交媒体峰会,邀请到来自世界500 强企业的B2B&B2C 数字化转型领袖和数字营销专家,来分享这些具有战略前瞻性和敏锐洞察力的企业内部的最新数字营销策略和成功实践。参会专家将与超500 位的专业数字营销人共同以驱动业绩增长为目标,回归营销本质,探讨真正为企业带来可观效益的数字营销策略。


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